6th Tinos International Literary Festival European Cultural Programme

In ancient times gods blessed Tinos with the gift of a close-up view of the sacred island of Delos. In modern times, the island was blessed by God and it became sacred itself. Mythical home of Aeolos, the island is battered through the ages by the winds of Aegean history. We are meeting today in this inspiring location to remind ourselves that art and literature answer the brutality of modern life. In this difficult time we wish to reconfirm that we live in a resilient world where literature tells us that nothing is more important than the recovery of our collective dignity. We live in paradoxical times when poets are celebrated and their poetry is not. On this Cycladic island, we will remember that poetry is an Odyssey that won't reveal a beautiful Ithaca; rather, it offers us the beautiful journey of Cavafy's Ithaca, a spiritual voyage filled with charming, inspiring, uplifting and challenging adventures.

At the 6th Tinos International Literary Festival we will have the opportunity for three days to get to know internationally renowned prose writers and poets and some not so well known, but just as important, who will guide us through their work in eight languages in three different locations on the island.

Mexican poet, Jose Emilio Pacheco says "Reading the others we read ourselves." According to James McNeill Whistler, "Art happens every time we read a poem," and in the words of another 20th century poet, Czeslaw Milosz, "The purpose of poetry is to remind us / how hard it is for someone to remain himself / because our house is open, there are no keys in the door / and our guest come and go freely..

There are no keys to unlock the secrets of literature and poetry, simply because there are no secrets. Our work is open ended, in a state of flux. Literature leads us to searching the human soul and poetry takes us from individual to collective time.

Dinos Siotis / Artistic Director

Organized by

Society of (de)kata
Tinos Municipality
Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Evagelistria of Tinos
Cultural Foundation of Tinos

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