First Tinos International Literary Festival European Cultural Programme (2007-2013)

> First: because we will try to make it into an institution.

> Tinos: it will take place in Tinos.

> International: because there will be 27 poets and writers from 18 countries.

> Literary: because it's all about literature, mostly contemporary.

> Festival: because it is going to be a three day, reading/reciting poetry and , local music/dance from bands from Tinos.

The First Tinos International Literary Festival will take place in the island of Tinos from July 29th to 31st. Twenty seven writers from eighteen countries will participate in the festivities over this three-day period. Along with them, musicians and dancers from Tinos will provide the discourse of this multinational and multicultural festival, making it more than just a literary event.

With the active support of local authorities and institutions, such as the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Evangelistria of Tinos and local municipalities, combined with the business world of Tinos, this event hopefully will evolve into one of great importance in the literary world of Greece.

Our goal is to make Tinos a reference point and a meeting place of international contemporary literature, an island where the West meets the East, the North the South, the Aegean Sea the Mediterranean. Through speech, language, expression, communication, readings, recitations, performances, dancing and music we meet the 'other' and the barricades of fear are broken. The wealth of the different languages and contemporary literary trends of the world will be common ground and the writers will share their experience with the public, so that everyone's work will be used for the common good.

> The Festival's Program

> Day One - The festival opens with a reception at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos located in the port of the island, and will feature 9 of the 27 participants. The evening closes with a jazz concert.

> Day Two - The next group of 9 participants will read in the village of Volax. A local music ensemble will feature traditional dancers.

> Day Three - The final 9 participants will read in the village of Pyrgos. Again a local music ensemble will feature traditional dancers.

The Tinos Festival is part of a project called Triptych: Poetry, Identity, Coexistence, which is a series of literary events complemented by music, dance, art exhibits, and theatre. Covering the years 2009 and 2010, it is a project supported in part by the European Union. Besides Greece and Cyprus, France and Sweden are participants. The objective is to present unique and varied literary events in each country.


This European Union partially funded literary festival is organized by the following organizations and institutions: Koinonia ton (de)katon, Ideogramma, Atlantis Productions, Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Evaggelistria Tinos, Municipality of Tinos, Municipality of Exomovourgo,Cultural Foundation of Tinos

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